Monday, December 7, 2009

Wellness 2 week check-up

Ellie Jo had her two week wellness check-up this morning. She was measured at 7 lbs 10 oz. but she is 22 inches long. She's not up to the weight that is ideal according to the pediatrition but she has grown. So thats good.

Ellie Jo ate about an hour before the appointment so she was sleeping good when we got there. As soon as we got into the room we had to undress her to take her temporature and all the weighing and such and she did not like that all. She was so mad that while she was laying there on the table she stuck it to the nurse and pee'd a practicle pint all over the table. It was hilarious and for the moment she stopped crying completely. To add injury to insult not only was she naked, cold, and mad from have everything checked but the nurse had to prick her heel to get blood samples and obviously no baby two weeks old like getting stabbed on the foot and have the vlood drawn out while they are cold and hungery already. But as soon as all of it was done Sarah took a few minutes while we were there in the room to feed Ellie Jo to hold her over until we could get home. She has been just fine ever since.

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