Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby check up and the H1N1 Vaccine.

We're pretty new parents. Ellie Jo is coming up on being a month old. So everyday is a new adventure. We think that we're in some kind of routine with her and then the next day her whole attitude is completely different. Last week Ellie Jo was sleeping through the night extremely well. Some nights it was 5 to 6 hours at a time. So we were thinking that this was something we were going to able to get used too. But all of the sudden she hasn't been sleeping well through the night this week. So we were pretty frustrated not knowing what we were doing wrong. It seemed that the milk from feeding Ellie Jo was running out and that's why Ellie Jo would get frustrated when she would eat. But we were wrong about alot of things when we talked to a Nurse at the Department of Health clinic.

After sitting in the crowded waiting room of the Department of Health clinic for about a half an hour or so the line for the H1N1 vaccine had died quite a bit after winding almost out the door when we got there. So Joe, who hadn't been vaccinated yet with a new baby in the home, jumped in line. He filled out the information sheet required while he was in line. In the time it took him to fill the form out Joe was next to get the vaccine. Sarah was still waiting to see the nurse in the WIC office of the clinic when Joe went in get his vaccine. Sarah went in with the nurse in the time it took Joe to get the shot. The shot literally only took about 30 seconds. He came out and Sarah was gone. What are the odds. So he went in to where Sarah was talking to the nurse. Sarah and Joe had alot of questions about feeding the baby. What was normal, what wasn't, what to do instead. Like we mentioned earlier Ellie Jo was sleeping good and now she isn't. She only wanted to eat every two hours before and now it seems like it's every 20 minutes. When we were talking to the nurse she said that it was good that she was eating so much. She has gained 8 oz in the past week and a half. Plus her head has gone from 13 inches to 14 and 7/8. So almost it's almost 2 inches bigger then it was when she was born. That's pretty intense.

It was a very good trip to the clinic. The trip answered alot of questions that we needed answered. This kind of stuff might sound boring to our followers but to us it was an awesome day.

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