Sunday, December 6, 2009

Michelle's gone! : (

Michelle has been here since the 20th of November. She originally came down with Orrin and they were both here helping Sarah right before and during the birth.

Orrin left Thanksgiving Day with Catherine, Ivan, and Onge, who all came down for the holiday.

Michelle has been so amazing! She has helped us so much over the past couple weeks. Joe has had school all of this past week so Sarah would've had to fend for herself while he was gone but Michelle stepped in valiently to the task. Not that Sarah can't or couldn't have done it on her own but all the help she could get was and is obviously greatly appreciated. Michelle's gone to the store for groceries and prepared frozen meals so we just have to heat and enjoy. That will be a humungous help. She's stayed up with the baby at night sometimes helping to sleep after Sarah has fead her so that Sarah and Joe could get some sleep. But most importantly, it was good to have her here simply for moral support and advise. It's always good to have help from those who have been through it and know what helps. There's obviously no sure fire way but any advise in the beginning is greatly appreciated.

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