Friday, December 18, 2009

1st Baby Road Trip

So we finally got to go to Salt Lake City. We've been in Cedar City for the past few months because Sarah's OBGYN told her not to travel for the couple months before Ellie Jo was born and obviously having had Ellie Jo in the middle of the winter we haven't really had her out for most of her first month let alone to travel. Luckily for us and her she did amazing the whole way up. We left Cedar City and she slept the whole time until we stopped in Fillmore to have lunch. Ellie Jo also awoke to acquire some lunch herself. As soon as lunch was over we got back on the freeway again headed to Salt Lake City. We made it far as Santaquin and Ellie Jo needed to eat again. So we stopped. She fell asleep again and we headed out again headed for Grandma Julie and Grandpa Tarbet's house because G-pa had his appendix removed last night. We got there just fine and she got hungry again. Needless to say she did awesome especially for her first time on a long road trip. At least she did alot better than we thought she would.

Just a little jog about G-pa T. He is doing alot better. He was diagnosed with appendicitis yesterday after G-ma Julie dragged him against his will to an insticare. He was directly sent to the hospital for surgery. But he was only in the hospital for a matter of about 16 hours. Now he's home doing alot better.

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