Sunday, December 27, 2009

First Christmas for Ellie Jo!

Christmas this year was wonderful. Ellie Jo obviously wasn't too excited about it but it was fun to have it be her first Christmas.

You know that yer gettin' old when on Christmas morning you wait until you eat breakfast first before opening presents. And not just any old breakfast homemade biscuits and gravy. Obviously it was worth the wait.

All the daughters in my wife's family said that they were just going to enjoy each others company pretty much and not do presents. They stuck to their guns but the parents didn't go with it. Even though a couple of them were in on the vow. Michelle was very careful not to agree to not giving gifts so she's in the clear. Everybody was completely equal. Every one got the exact same things. The only difference was that Joe Got shorts instead of PJ's like the girls. No worries there.

Over all it was a good Christmas. We just can't wait until next year when Ellie Jo can be a little more excited about it.

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