Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Being in SLC

We've been here in SLC since Friday because Joe's dad had an emergency surgery on his appendix Thursday night. He was back home recovering a couple hours before we got there at 4:30. So it's going very well.

There's a major plus to being here that we didn't realize before we came up. Sarah's family's house is only ten minutes from the nearest In-n-Out! That is an amazing reality. Just thought we should mention that.

It's been a roller coaster for all involved since we've been here especially for the baby. She's been passed around more than the Utah Jazz's turnovers! But she's getting used to it. Today has been an awesome day as far as Ellie Jo's attitude. She's been sleeping and eating well, and when she's been awake she has been feeling and acting good.

It's been awesome spending time with everyone up here so far and it's still a couple days until Christmas. There's still alot in store. We can't wait.


  1. The In-N-Out is a bonus but nothing compares to that cute little Ellie Jo. She made Christmas worth while. One of the best Christmas's we've had in a long time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You guys should really allow annonymous posting. Some of us who would like to comment don't have blogs. :)



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