Thursday, December 10, 2009

4 Years Ago!

On December 10th 2005 Sarah was in Calhoun Georgia and Joe was in Sugar Hill Georgia and we were discussing life with each other via telliolor devise when we decided to get engaged.

Just a back ground on how all of this came about, Joe started his mission in the field 3 months before Sarah did. When Sarah came into the mission Joe was in an area on the opposite side of the mission for a couple days when the mission president called and asked him to go to the other side of the mission, in the district that Sarah was in, and be the Elder who could drive for a companionship, because there were two elders assigned companionship to each other who couldn't drive.

Sarah was with a companion that she enjoyed very much and so was Joe. In fact the whole district was pretty close. 6 weeks after that the companions that each of us had and enjoyed were transferred and we both got companions that were less than desirable. So we relied on each other for support. We would call and vent to each other about each our companions. That's what started us being so close. 6 weeks after that Joe was transferred to Sugar Hill into not only a different district but a different Zone. But the fact was still the same. We both had less than desirable companions and relied on each other for support. So the phone calls didn't stop even across the mission.

When we would talk we started by venting about our companions but it eventually leaked into talking about each others interests and back home life. We found some crazy similarities. Sarah said something to Joe about night games. Joe said that he never got to play night games because he lived on a main road and didn't have any neighbors that were very close. She basically said no way because that was her situation too. That was the gate way to findin out all of the other similarities. Both their parents are divorced. Both Dads have remarried and the moms haven't. Both are the youngest of 3. Both lived on property with a fair share of land (being a few acres). And there are many more.

We were talking about those similarities when Joe asked Sarah if she had ever been proposed too. She said that she hadn't. So Joe said "Will you marry me?" jokingly. Sarah said "Yeah" not so jokingly. There was a slight pause and Joe said "Yeah will you marry me?" not jokingly realizing that she wasn't joking. Sarah said again "Yeah. Yeah I will." That happened 4 years ago today on December 10th 2005. Now we have been married over two years and we have a 2 1/2 week old baby. It's crazy what life throws at yuh when you least expect it.

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