Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Baby Blessings

What an eventful day the 7th of February was! Ellie Jo and her cousin Roxanna Sandy, who was born almost exactly one month after Ellie Jo on the 22nd of December, were blessed one right after the other in the Fillmore 1st ward at 12:30 p.m. followed directly by another baby blessing of a member of the ward that we aren't related too.

The Fillmore 1st ward is already fairly large and when there are 3 baby blessings in the same day the turn out ends up to be a little over whelming. For Ellie Jo and Roxanna's blessings there was a huge circle of men there to be a part of the event. Ellie Jo was so good while the blessing was taking place. No crying, no fussing. After wards Joe held her high in the air to show the congregation to show what a beautiful baby she is and Ellie Jo thought that that was a fun idea and gave the whole group the biggest grin in the world.

Grandma Tarbet spent so much time to make such a beautiful blessing dress for Ellie Jo. She was dressed like the angel that she is. The dress was so amazing and was so fitting for the event. We appreciate Grandma Tarbet so much for all the effort that she put into it.

Afterwords the whole clan went to the senior citizens center to eat and converse
one with another. It was a pot luck get together and there was an awesome spread of delicious indulgence options all for our beautiful baby blessings.

It might not be a day that Ellie Jo will remember but it will be a day that Joe and Sarah and their family will never forget.

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